Hand and Facial Wax

NZ$18.00 NZ$11.00

A light blend of organic oils which leave your hands feeling moisturised, healthy and soft.

Contains Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel oil which help with anti-ageing, sun spots, dry spots, scrapes & scratches. Organic oils for moisturizing properties and beeswax to strengthen your nails.

with CERTIFIED organic ingredients:

Cold pressed extra virgin Olive Oil*, Cold pressed Grapeseed Oil**, Cold pressed  Avocado Oil*, Evening Primrose**, Jojoba**, Apricot Kernel**, Beeswax*, Lavender Oil*, Roman Chamomile Oil*, and  Tea Tree Oil*

*certified organic ingredients

**natural ingredients

PLEASE NOTE - This product is discounted at 40% due to it's expiration date October 2017

NZ$18.00 NZ$11.00
NZ$18.00 NZ$11.00