Wake Up and Dream

Wake Up and Dream is the brainchild and heart’s creation of artist, Sharon, and her husband Ryan Kensley. This couple has poured their love, energy and passion into Wake Up and Dream.

"I grew tired of creating products that were focused, on what I felt the market wanted and needed." 

"Ryan's background is in recycling and is passionate about environmentalism which inspired us to create a product out of recycled material and a platform to express our own inner journey through my art."

"Each image I create, reflects the space and lessons I am processing at the time. I soon realized that these lessons resonated not only with me, but with many others on a similar path of self discovery. It was not only my journey, it was everyone’s journey!"

"Journaling is believed to be in direct communication with your soul and as I began on my own path of self discovery this became the most obvious companion".

Following the success of the journals, Wake Up and Dream has expanded it’s collections to include bohemian leather bags and cut mirrors. Hopefully, in the future, Friend of a Friend will be stocking their full range!