The Troll (& Sootcookie)

What started out as an illustration, soon became a range of unique, hand-painted characters that told a dark story of death, robbery and chaos in the woods.

The Tale of Balaclava Bear is a project Alex Goldberg begun working on with South African ceramic legend, Sootcookie. After the initial obstacle of turning a 2D print into a 3D model was overcome, Sootcookie created the moulds and a collaboration came to life. Each bear was then individually hand-painted to create a unique and authentic design to each character. Finally the sculptures are fire glazed and finished with a gold luster completing the lengthy process to ensure that your Bear is of the highest quality.

Read about the collaboration and process here:

Alex Goldberg aka The Troll is a very talented Senior Copywriter and Creative from Cape Town, South Africa. As well as having a range of Meerkat Carguards, he is currently working on a range of bespoke men’s jewellery – including tie pins and cuff-links.