Barrydale Weavers

Barrydale Hand Weavers is a skills and job creation project initiated by Tivane Mavuma and Carol Morris.

"We train local people in the art of handweaving on looms and produce beautiful handwoven rugs, carpets, tableware, fabrics and even clothing. We encourage our weavers to come up with their own designs and because everything is handmade, each item has its own unique signature."

The project started with the dream of one trained weaver, Tivane Mavuma, who arrived in Barrydale with his loom and was keen to teach his craft to others. He joined forces with Carol Morris, who for many years had been working with fabrics in the craft industry. Looms appeared “out of nowhere” and local people, who were keen to learn the skill of weaving, were encouraged to join the project and Barrydale Hand Weavers was started.