- Friend of a Friend - 

An idea born from the desire to bring a little bit of home to New Zealand. 

South Africa is richly filled with diverse art and culture. It is bursting at its seams with talented and inspiring artists and designers. Here at Friend of a Friend we want to create a platform for sharing these unique and beautiful products to our friends on this side of the world. Some designers are small and humble in their beginnings, others are created from a need to help and enrich the lives of fellow South Africans. All items are 100% made in South Africa from ethically and locally sourced products. They all come directly from the artist, or the small businesses who produce them, and they are all of the highest quality.

A celebration of the small artisan, proudly South African, and excited to provide you with that something special to love.

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Sourcing these goods for Friend of a Friend is an ongoing quest for that special piece of unusual beauty, fine workmanship and materials of the highest quality. The product base will always be expanding as each brand develops and each new artist finds a home here in New Zealand at Friend of a Friend.

"There is something about African style that appeals across time and continents. The roots are inextricably African - which is a large part of its charm - but in recent years a new wave of designers have taken those roots, kept the glamour and something of the nostalgia, but injected contemporary sophistication into the mix. " Lucia Van Der Post, The Times, UK, 2002.